There’s No Schooling Like Homeschooling

Here is a little peek at what Whispering Roses does in their spare time….we write funny musical spoofs and enter them in talent shows! Here is our performance of “There’s No Schooling Like Homeschooling” at the Homeschool Alumni Talent Show.


Video of Celtic Concerto

By popular request, I have made the video from our performance of Laura Zaerr’s Celtic Concerto in December available online! Special thanks to Paul Leavitt for filming and editing the video.  It is so fun to re-live that magical evening!

Videos of Whispering Roses and The Josties

We had a wonderful time at our joint concert with the Josties in October!  We played a set of music, they played a set and we ended doing one impromptu song together. One of my friends got some video footage of the concert, so if you missed it, here is a little taste! A special thanks to each of you who came and made the concert possible.

Noah’s Vocal Debut

Early this spring Noah finally decided that his developing voice had settled enough sing a solo.  Guess what subject he chose?  You got it!  A battle!

I love the narrative style of this song, but it is worth noting that like Hollywood today, they took some poetic license with the historical facts to make a more dramatic song! This video was taken this summer at the Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival in Hamilton, MT.