Shall we peek around the corner? {summer 2015}

What’s up with Whispering Roses for the summer of 2015? Well, let me give you just a peek into our summer schedule.

June 26 & 27, 2015
Tacoma Highland Games
Info here!

July 31st, 2015 | 4:30pm
Colville Rendezvous Days
An exciting event for Colville and the surrounding area!
Learn more here.

August 1st, 2015 | 9:00-5:30
Spokane Highland Games
We’re delighted to come to Spokane for the first time!
More info here!

August 15-16, 2015 | 9-7 on Saturday, 9-4 on Sunday

Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival
This fest and the people to organize it have won their way to our hearts! We look forward to playing on the grounds of the beautiful Marcus Daly Mansion once again.

Details here.

We LOVE what we do!

BTW, Janna will be joining us for the summer festivals! Be sure to get one of them on your schedule! Share the dates with friends in Tacoma, Spokane, or Missoula/Bitterroots/MT.

Local {Portland} appearances will be announced here as well! Stay tuned!

What are your summer plans?

~the 4th Rose


Journeying to the Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival 2014

I am sitting in a lovely little house near the festival in Hamilton, MT. I’m curled in am armchair with my laptop, warming up with a cup of coffee, and thinking about all you lovely people who may chance to this bit of blogosphere. The view out the window right now….IMG_0048

It has been a cold, wet morning here in the Bitterroot Valley. We played a set at 10am and though my brain knew what to do, my fingers could hardly perform those cuts and rolls on the jigs! Somehow, we brought Portland winter weather with us (not sure how that happened?!).

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Our trip started off on Thursday in hot and dry area of Oregon, where we visited with visited with friends.
IMG_0004 IMG_0007 IMG_0013 Look at that sweet face!

IMG_0021 Riding and having a chat with Kristal. IMG_0029 Sarah milking…..the fresh goat milk was deliciousIMG_0036Now a few snapshots from our set this morning…IMG_0083  IMG_0085 IMG_0087IMG_0079

Fun stage moments!

IMG_0070 IMG_0073














Did I mention that it was chilly?

IMG_0043 IMG_0045IMG_0115      IMG_0114
It was a beautiful ceremony!
Looking forward to tomorrow, and hoping it’s it dries out. 🙂




On Our Way to Prosser

What a beautiful day for a drive as we head up to play at the Prosser Scottish Fest in Washington! We drove past the magnificent Columbia river and now are winding our way through the Yakima Valley.

This will be our first time at the Prosser Scottish Fest and we’re looking forward to it tomorrow! We’ll be playing on the main music stage at 10:45 am and 3:30 pm. Prosser, here we come!


Concert at Crossroad’s Coffee Cafe

IMG_0281 (800x600)A couple of times a year we haul our instruments to the charming Crossroad’s Coffee Cafe and put on a concert for our local fans.  We enjoyed a full house Saturday evening and loved seeing familiar faces as well as meeting the new folks who came to hear us for the first time. We used our own sound system this time, which allowed us to finally mix the bass notes of the harp up enough! The ease of mixing with a system our dad already knew was worth it!  It was a fun concert!

IMG_0283 (800x600)Of course, one of the best parts is all the yummy sandwiches and delicious drinks. If you stop by before our next concert you might find us there just having lunch!

NW FolkLife 2014

IMG_0237[1]For the second year we all loaded up into our big silver van and drove up to Seattle to participate in the 43rd annual Northwest Folklife Festival. Our conversation on the way up was so vibrant we missed the exit to our favorite Fiddler’s Coffee, but I guess we were buzzed up enough on adrenalin.

We set up our instruments and busked beside the walkway.  We didn’t get as many people watching this year as we had last year, but Luke Engell played banjo with us, so that was fun! The NW Court Stage where we played last year was not available for festival use this year, so we ended up a little more squished on the Trad Stage, but at least we don’t mind being close together!  There were only seats for about 20 people, so we were thrilled when at least 100 more decided to stand for the duration of our set of music!  After playing we came to our favorite part – walking around and looking at all the vendors!  I tried African food for the first time and bought an organic cotton T-shirt.  I liked both of them.

IMG_0257 (800x600)We had agreed to meet at a certain place at 7pm and Dad was planning on bringing the van around, but since no van was forthcoming several of us found the coffee we missed earlier in the day. It was very good.

IMG_0251 (800x600)Kathrina had decided to be healthy and not drink coffee…so she had to occupy herself taking photos.  Dad finally showed up with the van and then he drove on the way home while the rest of us napped.  It was another fun adventure into Seattle!

Concert in Review: The Dunn Mountain Boys

IMG_0026 (800x533)We had a great time at the concert with the Dunn Mountain Boys. Our audience enjoyed the contrasting, yet complementary program!

IMG_0023 (800x533)Issac takes a solo!

IMG_0021 (800x533)Caleb taking the lead on the fiddle!

IMG_0015 (800x533)Luke sings lead!

IMG_0033 (800x533)Luke on the banjo.

IMG_0006 (800x533)The Engell brothers singing three part harmony!

IMG_0037 (800x533)We played These Are My Mountains and Wherever You Are together at the end. We had a fantastic time and hope to do it again!

2013 Grotto Performance

Wow! It is hard to believe we closed 2013 with 10th annual performance at the Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights! It has become a memorable tradition, appreciated by us and our fans alike.

IMG_0487 (800x533)Mom on the tambourine!

IMG_0480 (800x533)

IMG_0474 (800x533)Singing one of our favorites – The Wexford Carol.  I love the acoustics of the chapel as we sing the old, old carols!

IMG_0466 (800x533)We wore our Renaissance costumes which we each made!

Celtic Concerto Concert

After much preparation, the Celtic Concerto concert was a huge success! I’m incredibly grateful to each of the fantastic musicians who made the music sound so lovely, and to our wonderful audience who filled the house.  Everyone enjoyed the variety of instrumental combinations.

IMG_0429 (800x533)The entire group of musicians

IMG_0358 (800x533)We girls opened the concert with our Celtic Christmas music!  We loved being able to play without a sound system, thanks to the beautiful natural acoustics of the Canby Wedding Chapel.

IMG_0352 (800x533)And yes, Noah was a part of the performance!

IMG_0368 (800x533)We enjoyed delving into classical music by playing a unique arrangement of several movements from a Corelli Sonata.

IMG_0343 (800x533)Sarah and Ross played a beautiful arrangement of Silent Night.

IMG_0374 (800x533)Who would have thought that harp and soprano sax would be a combo – but they were absolutely lovey on Still, Still, Still.

IMG_0370 (800x533)And they managed to convince me to play a pedal harp solo!

IMG_0380 (800x533)Kathrina, Bethany, Ashley and Maren did a beautiful job with a string quartet medley of Christmas songs.

IMG_0394 (800x533)The Concerto! It was so helpful to have Stephanie conduct! IMG_0391 (800x533)It was a dream come true for me to be able to perform Laura Zaerr’s Celtic Concerto at a Whispering Roses concert!

IMG_0427 (800x533)I was so pleased with the group of musicians. Each person brought excellence to the performance. I’d be delighted to work with them again anytime!