Shall we peek around the corner? {summer 2015}

What’s up with Whispering Roses for the summer of 2015? Well, let me give you just a peek into our summer schedule.

June 26 & 27, 2015
Tacoma Highland Games
Info here!

July 31st, 2015 | 4:30pm
Colville Rendezvous Days
An exciting event for Colville and the surrounding area!
Learn more here.

August 1st, 2015 | 9:00-5:30
Spokane Highland Games
We’re delighted to come to Spokane for the first time!
More info here!

August 15-16, 2015 | 9-7 on Saturday, 9-4 on Sunday

Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival
This fest and the people to organize it have won their way to our hearts! We look forward to playing on the grounds of the beautiful Marcus Daly Mansion once again.

Details here.

We LOVE what we do!

BTW, Janna will be joining us for the summer festivals! Be sure to get one of them on your schedule! Share the dates with friends in Tacoma, Spokane, or Missoula/Bitterroots/MT.

Local {Portland} appearances will be announced here as well! Stay tuned!

What are your summer plans?

~the 4th Rose


On Our Way to Prosser

What a beautiful day for a drive as we head up to play at the Prosser Scottish Fest in Washington! We drove past the magnificent Columbia river and now are winding our way through the Yakima Valley.

This will be our first time at the Prosser Scottish Fest and we’re looking forward to it tomorrow! We’ll be playing on the main music stage at 10:45 am and 3:30 pm. Prosser, here we come!


Featured on Stardust and Gravel

stardust and gravel

We’ve been featured on the Stardust and Gravel blog! I thought that you all might enjoy reading the interview here.  You can also enter the giveaway on the blog to win one of our CDs.

I’ve known the blog author, Sarah Scheele, for several years now and have enjoyed several of her works of fiction. Take some time to browse her blog and look at her writings!

Also, let us know if you learned anything new about us from the interview…

When the Roses are Snowed In…

Starting on Thursday, all our classes, students and jobs were cancelled!  Here’s what we do when we’re snowed in for the weekend:

A PhotoshootIMG_0166 (800x533) IMG_0176 (800x533)

IMG_0180 (800x533)



Enjoy Mom’s childhood sledIMG_0280 (800x533)


Build a snowmanIMG_0299 (800x533)


Make sticky bunsIMG_0264 (800x533)

IMG_0271 (800x533)

IMG_0301 (800x533)


Make our own hot lattes and hot chocolate and alternate between watching the snow fall, journaling, watching the snow, surfing Facebook and watching the snowIMG_0251 (800x533)


What are you doing to enjoy the snow?IMG_0295 (800x533)

Celtic Concerto – Meet the Musicians!

IMG_0314It has long been my dream to organize my own performance of the Celtic Concerto written by Oregon’s own Laura Zaerr.  This piece artfully strings together seven celtic tunes featuring harp accompanied by a string quartet, oboe and flute.

I’m so grateful to each of the wonderful musicians who are making this project possible.  Our rehearsal was amazing and I’m looking forward to our Friday night concert!


Kathrina Bisceglia – violin

As my sister, Kathrina performs with me at every concert, but it is fun to be doing a chamber music project together.  Her precision and confidence as first violinist is appreciated!

Bethany Strang – violin

Bethany was the first musician to get back to me with yes, she could do this! She has played violin for a number of years and is excited to be performing with a quartet for the first time. As one of my good friends, I’m so glad she was available for second violin!

Maren Knopp – viola

Some of you may remember our joint concert with the Knopp brothers’ string quartet, Highstrung, in 2009. Maren is now married to Joshua Knopp (the cellist) and I was thrilled she was available for this concert! As a graduate of the University of Missouri she is spot-on as our violist.

Ashley Meyers – cello

Ashley came to me as a referral from a friend, of a friend, of a friend, but I couldn’t be more happy to have found her! She has played cello for ten years and is principle cellist with Oregon Pro Arte Youth Chamber Orchestra.

Ross Leavitt – soprano saxophone

When I first wanted to do this project, my main problem was that I didn’t know an oboist. When I found out that a sax can also play oboe parts I was ecstatic – what a versatile instrument! A graduate of the University of Michigan, Ross has done a great job being the only guy of the group – and his sax playing is as sweet and mellow as could be desired.

Krista Bisceglia – recorders, penny whistle

This is Krista’s first time playing with a conductor, but she has figured it out amazingly well!  She also is balancing the flute part on several of her recorders, along with the parts specifically written for penny whistle, so she is the multi-instrumentalist of the group!

Stephanie Polequin – conductor

Since the concerto consists of multiple pieces of music strung together with rather interesting transitions, I felt a conductor would help to smooth things out and make our one rehearsal a whole lot easier. I first met Stephanie when I was playing under her for Journey Youth Theater’s musicals, and I’m so excited she was able to take this project on!

IMG_0323Come see us play!

When: 7:00pm | Friday, December 20, 2013
Where: Canby Wedding Chapel
508 NW 3rd Ave. Canby, Oregon 97013
Admission: $10 per person, $35 per family

Performing in California

IMG_0239 (800x533)

We have been thoroughly enjoying our tour of California! Our hosts have been most gracious and lovely (although there was one coffee shop that forgot we were coming)! We still have two more concerts to go, so if you know anyone in the area, let them know we are coming through!

When: 7:00pm | Monday, December 2, 2013
Where: Faith Community Church
7352 Boris Court, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Admission: Donations Gratefully Accepted

When: 7:00pm | Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Where: First Church of God
1005 S. Jackson St. Red Bluff, CA 96080
Admission: Donations Gratefully Accepted

IMG_0243 (800x533)Performing at Faith Baptist Church

Yachats Celtic Festival 2013

20131109_153452_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-016) (800x531)We were thrilled to be a part of the 2013 Yachats Celtic Festival. We had planned on attending several years before, but didn’t end up making it until we were asked to perform there this November!  We had a wonderful weekend listening to other fantastic Celtic musicians, walking along the beach and teaching an Irish dance workshop and ceili.IMG_0159 (800x533)One of the best parts about performing at Yachats was getting up early and walking along the beach before breakfast each morning!

IMG_0157 (800x533)Then we got to use our “musician” badges to enter hidden back rooms and receive special privileges!

IMG_0115 (800x533)We were the featured concert on Saturday afternoon. Yachats had a great team of people running the sound and lighting, making for a smooth set up and enjoyable performance! Special thanks to Chris Graamans for the performing photos!

20131109_160934_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-036) (800x531) Kathrina making her violin sing20131109_155347_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-026) (800x531) Krista feeling the moment20131109_154954_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-025) (800x531) Noah providing that solid back up that he does so well!20131109_154554_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-023) (800x531) Noah singing his solo20131109_153228_celtic festival_01-(ZF-3065-02252-1-015) (800x531) Playing my bodhran20131109_151426_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-008) (800x531) Krista with her Desert Rose autoharp

20131109_150829_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-006) (531x800)Playing my harp

20131109_154349_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-022) (800x531)A humorous moment on stage!20131109_150749_celtic festival-(ZF-3065-02252-1-005) (800x533)Group shot!

IMG_0147 (800x533) We enjoyed meeting Seamus and learning about his detailed period outfit!IMG_0168 (800x533)

IMG_0161 (800x533)The beautiful coastline!IMG_0150 (800x533)A quiet moment at the end of a full day!

Summer Concerts

What a magnificent summer we have had! Full of friends, family and good times performing, with a few moments of rest and relaxation thrown in here and there!  We had the opportunity to perform all over the northwest this year, and really enjoyed meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.  Here is a little summary of our summer!

IMG_0521 (800x533)

While Kathrina was at Cascadia Irish Fiddle Camp, the rest of us did get some actual vacation in Washington.  We enjoyed visiting the Olympic National Park for the first time. I was surprised how much it reminded me of Glacier National Park!

IMG_0576 (800x533)

We hiked along the breathtaking Hurricane Ridge and up the trail to Mt. Angelus!

IMG_0589 (800x533)

We also managed to join Kathrina for the dance night at camp.  We performed the Humors of Bandon during one of the breaks from the group dancing!


We enjoyed performing in Hoodsport on our way home.

IMG_0911 (533x800)

Almost immediately we packed up for a musical mini-tour of Idaho and Montana. I always feel accomplished when we open the door and nothing falls out of the van!

IMG_0892 (800x533)Our first stop was Grace Bible Church in Hayden, ID. Amanda S. did a brilliant job of organizing the concert, including baking many yummy treats for everyone!

IMG_0906 (800x533)

We enjoyed the hospitality of the D. family, especially getting to ride Elaina’s horse!

IMG_0898 (533x800)

I loved how the dog seemed to “pose” for the photos too!

IMG_0908 (800x533)

Beautiful Julia

IMG_0925 (800x533)

Sophia was so cute trying to catch the butterflies and stomp on the yellow jackets!

IMG_0940 (533x800)

Noah had a good time playing Age of Empires and exchanging parkour moves with the boys!

IMG_0962 (800x533)

The Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival put us up at Angler’s Lodge in Montana.  The sunset was magnificent the evening we arrived, partly due to the smoke from distant fires.

IMG_1154 (800x533)

This festival is one of our favorites! We enjoyed fantastic audiences, good sound-men and beautiful weather under the lovely shade trees of the Marcus Daly Mansion.

IMG_0995 (800x533)

Sunday’s Kirkin’ O’ the Tartan is another highlight of the weekend. We usually walk into it with very little idea of what we should do – except that Be Thou My Vision will be requested, but we always get the program arranged and everyone is blessed!

IMG_1006 (533x800)

Pastor Saunders giving the message

IMG_1021 (800x533)

When I think of how the tartan was once illegal in Scotland, and how hard the clans worked to preserve their heritage I am inspired. It is always sends tingles down my spine when the clan chiefs lay their tartans at the front to be blessed.

IMG_1180 (800x533)

From Hamilton we traveled up to Kallispell, MT to do a concert hosted by the lovely H. family. They took us to the Flathead river for the afternoon!

IMG_1187 (533x800)

Noah decided to take the man challenge and jump about 18 feet off the bridge.

IMG_1212 (533x800)

And then some of us girls had to try it too! Here is Kathrina jumping.

IMG_1220 (800x533)

And Krista

IMG_1227 (533x800)

And me (Janna)

IMG_1236 (800x533)

But we all survived to play at Buffalo Terrace that evening!

IMG_1241 (800x533)

David and Amy H. gave a beautiful performance of Schindler’s List

IMG_1243 (800x533)

A few days after getting home, we played at the Oregon State Fair for the first time!

IMG_1257 (800x533)

This summer marked Noah’s first vocal solo song!

IMG_1262 (800x533)

We also performed a 3-hand version of the Irish dance the Fairy Reel.

IMG_1264 (800x533)

Labor Day weekend we played at Singer Hill Cafe in Oregon City for the first time! The living wall behind us created a most exceptional backdrop!

IMG_1266 (800x533)

We had a great audience, including Homeschool Alumni folks who had come in early for the reunion to go to our concert. Some were from as far away as Florida.

857738_10152238929969762_1516618763_o (800x534)

We decided to perform our arrangement of “Concerning Hobbits/In Dreams” from the Lord of the Rings for the Homeschool Alumni Talent show.

1271503_10152238929949762_16690939_o (800x534)

We were thrilled to win 2nd place by audience vote! (And the people we voted for won 1st place, so they really were that good.)

IMG_1342 (800x533)

In addition to playing with us, Kathrina participated in a spoof on Les Miserables for the talent show. The song was based on One Day More, except it was now One Date More and Kathrina took Eponine’s part as the marriage-minded public schooler who is feeling passed up!

IMG_1411 (533x800)

We girls volunteered to play some extra music for the reunion, and were asked if we would be willing to play for part of the English Country Dance.

IMG_1414 (533x800)

We were surprised how easy it actually was to play for English Country Dancing – no breakneck speeds like Irish Ceili dancing!

IMG_1413 (800x533)

It was a lovely evening and a fantastic way to end the summer. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t performing more this winter!

~ Janna