Thoughts for your Thursday

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It’s not just trombone players….every musician knows this feeling!

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Emmanuelle Ayrton knew what he was about when he created this!

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This makes me want to cackle like these sneaky orchestra musicians! It’s good to know that the MET orchestra feels like doing this, too. 😀


Monday’s Musings | Those Moments of Life…

We were in the living room doing our vocal warm-ups.   Kathrina kept trying to talk about the various tasks that needed to be completed in the two second pauses in between exercise sets, but that wasn’t going very well. Inevitably, it would take longer than two seconds to tell something, and she kept spilling over into the next set, much to the chagrin of the rest of us.  Finally she laughed and said, “I read this status update on Facebook the other day.  It said, “You know that feeling when you have all your ducks lined up in a row? Me neither.””

Then we all had a good laugh and Noah poked his head into the living room.  He had apparently overhead our conversation from the dining room where he was working at the table.

“And then there’s the guys version of it,” he said. “You know that feeling? Me neither!”

Yep, my brother has a good sense of humor!

~ the Second Rose