last day in the Bitterroots 2014

irish anthemSing the Irish anthem.

photo (1)My Irish fiddling friend. 🙂
post 2
Enjoying the afternoon before heading to out!



Journeying to the Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival 2014

I am sitting in a lovely little house near the festival in Hamilton, MT. I’m curled in am armchair with my laptop, warming up with a cup of coffee, and thinking about all you lovely people who may chance to this bit of blogosphere. The view out the window right now….IMG_0048

It has been a cold, wet morning here in the Bitterroot Valley. We played a set at 10am and though my brain knew what to do, my fingers could hardly perform those cuts and rolls on the jigs! Somehow, we brought Portland winter weather with us (not sure how that happened?!).

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Our trip started off on Thursday in hot and dry area of Oregon, where we visited with visited with friends.
IMG_0004 IMG_0007 IMG_0013 Look at that sweet face!

IMG_0021 Riding and having a chat with Kristal. IMG_0029 Sarah milking…..the fresh goat milk was delicious. IMG_0036Now a few snapshots from our set this morning…IMG_0083  IMG_0085 IMG_0087IMG_0079

Fun stage moments!

IMG_0070 IMG_0073














Did I mention that it was chilly?

IMG_0043 IMG_0045IMG_0115      IMG_0114
It was a beautiful ceremony!
Looking forward to tomorrow, and hoping it’s it dries out. 🙂




Friday’s Feasts | Pizza

On a summer morning, after a rehearsal, we go into the kitchen together to make pizza. pizza making 1 With fresh zucchini, summer squash, peppers, basil, and tomatoes coming in from the garden, Sarah and I are full of inspiration to top our pizzas. Sarah chooses to broil zucchini, and use fresh mozzarella and basil over a marinara making 2Janna rolls out crusts from a local bakery, and bakes them.     pizza making 3 I caramelize onions with a bit of balsamic vinegar, spread my crust generously with homemade pesto, and pile on roasted chicken, fresh tomatoes, the caramelized onions, cheese, and a bit of fresh basil. pizza making 4We put our pizzas in the oven, and the rich smells tantalize us all as we early wait for lunch! The result – delicious and easy lunch, bursting with flavours of summer’s bounty!

Sarah’s Pizza:
Broiled zucchini & summer squash
Sliced Peppers
Fresh mozzarella cheese
Fresh basil
Purchased crust baked on stone, spread with marinara sauce, topped, baked again.

Kathrina’s Pizza:
Caramelized onions (Sauté olive oil, add a splash of balsamic vinegar at the end. Season with salt and pepper.)
Sliced tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella cheese, herbed fromage blanc cheese
Fresh basil
Purchase crust baked partway on stone, generously spread with homemade pesto, topped, baked again.

Happy pizza making! Tell me what YOUR favorite pizza toppings are!


Prosser Scottish Fest 2014


Prosser Scottish Fest 2014

We spent a delightful day playing at the Prosser Scottish Fest and Highland Games in the Yakima Valley. Thanks to all you folks who attended! I loved the atmosphere of this festival! It was cool to meet another Portland band, the Sons of Malarkey ( while there. The most exciting and unique moment of day was the anvil launch, where an anvil was powerfully launched upwards, spinning through the air, directly after the National Anthem!


On Our Way to Prosser

What a beautiful day for a drive as we head up to play at the Prosser Scottish Fest in Washington! We drove past the magnificent Columbia river and now are winding our way through the Yakima Valley.

This will be our first time at the Prosser Scottish Fest and we’re looking forward to it tomorrow! We’ll be playing on the main music stage at 10:45 am and 3:30 pm. Prosser, here we come!


Interview and Give-Away with Photographer Kamirin Couch

I’m very excited to be sharing this interview with my friend and photographer Kamirin Couch of Crooked Stream Photography. She is a professional photographer who has done several lovely photo shoots for us!


Tell us a bit more about yourself. In three sentences—who is Crooked Stream Photography?IMG_0156-1Photo by Kathrina Bisceglia (All other photos by Crooked Stream)

I love life, and have had a deep appreciation for the beauty of life ever since I was very young. I loved capturing once in a lifetime moments in every way I could, and I soon discovered that a camera was one of my favorite instruments to use for recording life. That’s how it all began!

What is your background in photography?


When I was 11, I would take pictures of every beautiful thing I came across with a point-and-shoot camera, when I was 15 I photographed my first wedding with a Canon 20D, and today I’m still that same girl- taking pictures of every beautiful thing I come across- except I’ve gained a lot of experience from it and a Canon 5D mkII.


What is your favorite aspect of shooting a wedding?IMG_1116-1

The emotion! Wedding photography is set apart in a really unique way by this factor. There’s something deep about an emotion-filled photograph, and with weddings, it seems like everywhere I turn there are deep moments to capture. I love seeing families re-unite, the twinkle in the bride’s eyes, the laughter, the groom watching his bride walk down the isle, and the teamwork and fun times with everyone there… I love being a part of it all… And when I realize that I am holding the tool that will be recording these once in a lifetime moments, it’s the most amazing, thrilling, and scary thought in the whole world. It’s once-in-a-lifetime, it’s priceless and I love it!

About how many weddings do you photograph a year? How does your profession integrate with your life?


A few years ago I started shooting more and more weddings, and then realized it started to become too much: it encroached upon life in general, and started to become the “old grind” and the “art” part of it began to slip away, when I wanted to keep that element intact more than anything! So, I’ve cut back to only shooting a few weddings a year. It’s not any “less” work-it’s just more concentrated work; so I can focus more on the few jobs I do have, produce quality above quantity, and have a little extra free time for other important things in life.


What tips do you have for brides planning their wedding day? Should the photos be before or after the wedding? What kind of shots does the bride need to plan out?IMG_8748

One of the most important things to plan is TIME for photos. Just because you schedule a lot of time for pictures doesn’t mean you will be standing in front of the camera for 4 hours, but what you’re factoring in: is that Uncle Tom might arrive 2 hours late (it’s happened), or groomsmen will have to go fetch forgotten ties (that’s happened too), or the fact that herding groups of people just takes time. Think of it as a nice “insurance” to have as a buffer time for unexpected occurrences. It really cuts back on stress… Which brings me to the second question-doing photos before the ceremony seems to cut back on stress as well. I’ve done photos before and after the ceremony, and “before” always seems to yield the best results. First of all, you have everyone freshly ready, looking their best and not yet lost in the crowd of guests. Second, I’ve noticed the bride and groom relax so much more (it shows in the photos) when they’ve been able to see each other before the ceremony. Thirdly, doing photos before the ceremony makes it so the VIP’s are free to mingle after the ceremony and you don’t have to take them away from the guests. As far as planning shots, your photographer should provide you with a “shot list” that you can customize (by adding to or taking away). If there’s a shot that’s really important to you, be sure to write it down so it doesn’t get forgotten. Lastly, talk with your photographer about a photo schedule (add more time to it than you expect to use) and before the wedding day tell/email your wedding party and family where the photographer expects them to be and at what time, and you should have the show on the road! Enjoy it!!!

In addition to weddings, what else do you photograph?

IMG_8906 (2)-1

My natural bent is definitely people- I love portraiture, telling stories with photos, and working with people: families, seniors, babies, engagements- all stages of life. Although, recently, I’ve done some construction photography and promo shoots for businesses, and I enjoyed those jobs as well.

How can people book you for a photo shoot?

Now for some fun stuff:

1: Do you prefer movies or books – or neither?IMG_8442

Books. I love paper!!! I rarely sit down long enough to finish a book (or movie), but if I do, you will usually find a “how-to” book in my hand.


2: If you could pick, what three places in the world would you visit?

Scotland, all 3 times. Ok, ok… I would choose Ireland and England after Scotland.

3: What is your favorite sport?

Does tubing behind a skiff (in Alaska) in a lifeboat count? It was so much fun! I don’t think I’ve ever screamed as loudly as I did then. Friday night Basketball with friends and family is pretty fun too. J

4: Is there another photographer or artist who inspires you?

Yes! I have incredible artists as friends who constantly inspire, encourage and bless me! Chimera Singer is a photographer and friend who I love hiring to shoot weddings with me. Sara Boggs is also an artist and friend who recently introduced me to these AMAZING travel watercolor brushes that every traveling artist should buy:

5: After a long day on the job, what is your favorite way to relax?

I love to eat after a long workday, because I usually don’t eat very much when I’m in work mode. I also love to look at my photos on my laptop (no matter what time it is) because I can’t relax until I do! I also might play my fiddle if no one is asleep. J

It’s been lovely getting to know you better, Kami! And be sure to check out Crooked Stream Photography here!

And now….to enter the giveaway!  The prize will be a framed scenic photograph by Crooked Streams Photography. Comment once for each thing that you complete. Think of each comment as a raffle ticket.  The more comments you have, the more chances of winning!  The drawing will be June 18, 2014.

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Wedding Wednesday | Sulamita Church

My wedding season opened with a gorgeous ceremony at the Sulamita Slavic Church. It was a new experience for me to be unable to understand a word of the service except for a single prayer that was said in English! I have seven more ceremonies currently booked for the summer, so check back for more vendor and venue reviews.

I’m super excited about an interview and give-away slated for next Wednesday, so check back then!

IMG_0261 (800x600)The Sulamita church is available to rent for all weddings and special events. The sound man was very nice to work with and the stage lighting was expertly handled. The main advantage to this church is it’s huge size – I would estimate it can seat up to 800, although I wasn’t able to get this number confirmed.

~ Quick Look ~

Location: 20575 NE Sandy Blvd, Fairview, OR 97024

Pros: Can accommodate a large number of guests

Cons: May appear overly large for a small wedding


Concert at Crossroad’s Coffee Cafe

IMG_0281 (800x600)A couple of times a year we haul our instruments to the charming Crossroad’s Coffee Cafe and put on a concert for our local fans.  We enjoyed a full house Saturday evening and loved seeing familiar faces as well as meeting the new folks who came to hear us for the first time. We used our own sound system this time, which allowed us to finally mix the bass notes of the harp up enough! The ease of mixing with a system our dad already knew was worth it!  It was a fun concert!

IMG_0283 (800x600)Of course, one of the best parts is all the yummy sandwiches and delicious drinks. If you stop by before our next concert you might find us there just having lunch!