NW FolkLife 2014

IMG_0237[1]For the second year we all loaded up into our big silver van and drove up to Seattle to participate in the 43rd annual Northwest Folklife Festival. Our conversation on the way up was so vibrant we missed the exit to our favorite Fiddler’s Coffee, but I guess we were buzzed up enough on adrenalin.

We set up our instruments and busked beside the walkway.  We didn’t get as many people watching this year as we had last year, but Luke Engell played banjo with us, so that was fun! The NW Court Stage where we played last year was not available for festival use this year, so we ended up a little more squished on the Trad Stage, but at least we don’t mind being close together!  There were only seats for about 20 people, so we were thrilled when at least 100 more decided to stand for the duration of our set of music!  After playing we came to our favorite part – walking around and looking at all the vendors!  I tried African food for the first time and bought an organic cotton T-shirt.  I liked both of them.

IMG_0257 (800x600)We had agreed to meet at a certain place at 7pm and Dad was planning on bringing the van around, but since no van was forthcoming several of us found the coffee we missed earlier in the day. It was very good.

IMG_0251 (800x600)Kathrina had decided to be healthy and not drink coffee…so she had to occupy herself taking photos.  Dad finally showed up with the van and then he drove on the way home while the rest of us napped.  It was another fun adventure into Seattle!