Musician’s Test

Here is a good test to determine how musically savvy our blog readers are.  Give me your translation!music comic 2


The #2 Wedding Processional

Here Comes the Bride! Nothing sings these words to the waiting guests like the Bridal Chorus by Wagner. Not to be confused with the Wedding March by Mendelssohn (usually used for a recessional), Bridal Chorus has been used by countless brides over the years to help create a stunning entrance.

Tyler_Katie_0752Bridal Chorus has lost some popularity in recent years due to the it’s association with big church weddings and pipe organs, but it never fails to provide an elegant backdrop to the bridal entrance.

Bridal Chorus comes from Wagner’s opera, Lohengrin, and in the opera was actually played after the wedding as the bride was accompanied to the wedding chamber. Although the marriage was doomed to failure in the opera, the words of the song are full of promise and hope for any new couple!  Considered a secular song at the time it was written, it has been discouraged by some churches, so you may want to check with the officiant if you are planning a religious ceremony. However, this is a piece of music that has stood the test of time even if it it isn’t heard as often for a modern ceremony!

Rarely heard, below is a translation of the the German lyrics. May they be true of your marriage!

Faithfully guided, draw near
to where the blessing of love shall preserve you!
Triumphant courage, the reward of love,
joins you in faith as the happiest of couples!
Champion of virtue, proceed!
Jewel of youth, proceed!
Flee now the splendour of the wedding feast,
may the delights of the heart be yours!
This sweet-smelling room, decked for love,
now takes you in, away from the splendour.
Faithfully guided, draw now near
to where the blessing of love shall preserve you,
Triumphant courage, love so pure,
joins you in faith as the happiest of couples!
lyrics from Bridal Chorus by Wagner
~ Janna Bisceglia, harpist for Whispering Roses

Consider Yourself One of Us

With the daffodils in bloom and five weddings already on the calendar for this coming summer, I’m starting to think of what other fun activities we’ll get to enjoy this year!

One of our annual highlights is attending a very special family camp in central Oregon.  Last year, we rewrote the lyrics to Consider Yourself from the musical Oliver! to specifically reflect the warm family spirit of Camp Dwight.  We had a blast performing it and hope you enjoy this peek back in time as we anticipate the upcoming summer fun!