Romantic Wedding Music


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many brides are planning the wedding of their dreams complete with red roses and pink hearts and white satin.  Even if your wedding isn’t in February, chances are you are still looking for ways to make it the most romantic day of your life. And what is more romantic than the music you choose?  Music sets the mood and makes the day a special reflection of you as an individual.

So just what is some of the most romantic music every written?  Movies and Broadway provide a host of wonderful pieces with deeply romantic connotations.  All I Ask of You from the Phantom of the Opera is a popular choice for mid-ceremony, such as lighting the unity candle.  For many, the theme from Romeo and Juliet is the most romantic melody of all times, but some find it evokes tragic emotions, so maybe you would like to go for something lighter such as the theme Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (provided you banish the sounds of Mrs. Pott’s voice from your head!).

If your thinking of using a movie theme as your processional, look for something a bit classical.  The theme from A&E’s Pride and Prejudice makes a great processional, as would some of Beethoven’s music used in Immortal Beloved. Folk music offers a lighter selection of romantic music.  Perhaps you would like a singer to perform My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose or Shenandoah.

Sorting through the host of romantic music may seem daunting at first, but an experienced wedding musician will be able to provide suggestions based on his or her current repertoire.  Look for music that excites you, that makes your heart beat a little faster, that makes you cry or laugh or smile or simply remember your wedding as the day that your dreams came true.  Happy wedding plans!

~ Janna Bisceglia, harpist for Whispering Roses



Featured on Stardust and Gravel

stardust and gravel

We’ve been featured on the Stardust and Gravel blog! I thought that you all might enjoy reading the interview here.  You can also enter the giveaway on the blog to win one of our CDs.

I’ve known the blog author, Sarah Scheele, for several years now and have enjoyed several of her works of fiction. Take some time to browse her blog and look at her writings!

Also, let us know if you learned anything new about us from the interview…

When the Roses are Snowed In…

Starting on Thursday, all our classes, students and jobs were cancelled!  Here’s what we do when we’re snowed in for the weekend:

A PhotoshootIMG_0166 (800x533) IMG_0176 (800x533)

IMG_0180 (800x533)



Enjoy Mom’s childhood sledIMG_0280 (800x533)


Build a snowmanIMG_0299 (800x533)


Make sticky bunsIMG_0264 (800x533)

IMG_0271 (800x533)

IMG_0301 (800x533)


Make our own hot lattes and hot chocolate and alternate between watching the snow fall, journaling, watching the snow, surfing Facebook and watching the snowIMG_0251 (800x533)


What are you doing to enjoy the snow?IMG_0295 (800x533)