Masquerade Ball

After hearing us play at the 2013 Homeschool Alumni English Country Dance, Laura Hatch, the caller for Set To Music English Country Dancing asked us if we would play for some of her balls! We often attend as dancers, but it was very enjoyable to be able to provide live music for one of the dance sets. 1421267_10152082846534516_1880450102_o (751x800)Dressed and ready to play! Krista learned how to do face painting especially for this ball.  We loved the way they turned out!

IMG_0224 (800x533)Ready to play

IMG_0225 (533x800)

At the harp

1403005_10152082846464516_1060797172_o (800x445)We can see Sarah in this one!

1483855_10152082843984516_1161435386_o (800x657)The dance caller’s daughter trying her hand at the piano!

886740_10152082844679516_604667601_o (800x532)Some of the other dancers

IMG_0219 (800x533)

IMG_0200 (800x533)Noah also came and danced!  Can you guess who he is representing?


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